Amazon Troubles Hindu People boycottAmazon 2016


#boycottAmazon 2016: E-commerce giant Amazon is receiving flak from social media users after it was found that door mats with Hindu gods and goddesses and also Holy Pictures Of Jesus Comfortable Sexy Underwear White on them were being sold on its website.

Social media users took their anger to both Twitter and Facebook and since then #BoycottAmazon 2016 has been trending on the social networking sites.

But this was not it, retailers on Amazon were also selling Islamic themed and Jesus Christ doormats. This has infuriated many and people have been posting about uninstalling the Amazon mobile app.

Not only #hindureligion amazon your seller disrespect our #Kabasharif Semi (@Lovesemi5) June 4, 2016

Amazon Troubles Hindu People boycottAmazon 2016

boycottAmazon 2016
boycottAmazon 2016

However, Amazon is a platform for retailers to sell their products and has different websites for various countries. Many have criticised this ‘fiasco’ by Amazon but a few did react differently.

After the social media outrage, Amazon has removed these products from its website.

This is not the first time that Amazon has gotten into trouble over such a situation.

In 2014, Hindu cleric Rajan Zed noted that the website was selling women’s leggings carrying images of various Hindu Gods.

At the time, Zed said, “Hindus welcome the art world to immerse in Hinduism but [for] taking it seriously and respectfully and not for refashioning Hinduism concepts and symbols for personal agendas. Barbie-fication of Kali is simply improper, wrong and out of place.”

Amazon is yet to respond to the incident.